Supply Chain Management

Cost, Schedule and Risk management are key to Project Success.

Cost consciousness to equipment selection is key factor. We offer complete Procurement
management and supply chain support undertaking following key task:

  • Techno Commercial evaluation of Supplier
  • Product valuation and manufacturing control
  • Quality assurance
  • Schedule optimization

Procurement Supports includes following:

Pumps, Compressor, Heaters, Automation – DCS and PLC, Panels, Instrument and Valves, Analysers,
Electrical – Transformer, Generator, Switchgear, MCC, Cables and others, Piping material and
fittings, Hydraulic system and components and Bulk


  • DCS, ESD (SIS), SCADA, Fire and Gas – Automation system, HVAC Control, BMS automation, Skid PLC control system.
  • Specialized engineering for Control System, HAZOP study, Alarm Management, Cyber Security and Safety Integrity Level (SIL), Logic diagram, F&G Mapping study, Functional Schematic / block diagrams.
  • Calculation and Data sheet for Field Sensors (Flow, Level, temperature, Pressure and analysers) and Valves (Control valve, Shutdown valve, Safety Valves and others).
  • IO engineering, Cable and Junction Box – termination, Cable schedule, Bill of material and loop diagram and wiring,
  • PLC panel and Cabinet wiring drawings and SCADA Screens Design.
  • Layout (Cables and Junction boxes and installation and Hook drawings.